OnlineShop Bug Bounty

OnlineShoop Bug Bounty

Hello, here are some TIPS that can be used when practicing Bug Bounty.

All these entries belong to the author @0xAwali. We have only translated into Spanish, summarized in some parts and added in other references and explanations that are not in the original article.

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #1 Try to manipulate the quantity. Example: If the original quantity is 1, try changing it to 3 to get two free items.

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #2 Try to manipulate the price. Example: If the original price is 10, try changing it to -10 or the fraction value, 0.10 to get the cheapest item.

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #3 Try to manipulate the currency. If the original currency is the dollar, try changing it to INR (or MXN) to get the cheapest item.

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #4 Try to use negative numbers, zero, NaN, null, or a bunch of 00000 in the parameter values. Example: quantity=0000 OR Quantity=null to cause logical problems.

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #5 Try to use the HTTP Parameter Pollution technique. Example quantity=1&quantity=2 ,,, or quantity=[] with all the parameters to get free items.

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #6 Remove parameters or change them to null to cause logic problems.

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #7 Try to force the content-type from JSON to XML Content–Type: application/xml to perform XXE attacks <!DOCTYPE test [<!ENTITY xxe SYSTEM «» >]>.

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #8 Inject XSS attacks «&gt;<svg> or blind XSS «&gt;<img src="//"> in all the parameters of the purchase.

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #9 Inject Blind XSS or Blind Template Injection attacks in the user-agent or in headers such as X-Forwarded-For that take the user's IP. Example: {{constructor.constructor('import(««)')()}}

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #10 Inyecte caracteres %00 Y %FF en todos los valores de los parámetros de la compra para causar errores intencionales que pueden exponer información confidencial.

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #11 Insert a long length of characters or numbers in all parameter values. Example: amount=1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 to cause errors that may expose sensitive information.

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #12 If the application uses transfers from account A to account B, try running a race condition. Steps to reproduce: 1. Intercept the transfer HTTP request with a proxy tool like BurpSuite.2. Send the request to Turbo Intruder to execute the race condition. Note: You can also race conditions in the BurpSuite Intruder module using multiple threads.


#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #13 Check the different steps and flows of the process of buying a product. If the application executes the payment process first, and in the end executes the purchase confirmation separately, try skipping the steps of this flow, executing only the HTTP request that performs the purchase confirmation and you will not pay anything.

#OnlineShoopBountie TIP #14 If the application handles discount coupons, check if it is susceptible to brute force attacks as they can be discovered. If the coupon uses only numbers (no letters, no characters) and has a short length, you will surely find a valid coupon using a brute force attack using a python script or using BurpSuite's intruder module.

Manuals: -intruder

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